Green Goose System Course (12-22 Sep)

Green Goose is a short-term trading system that takes advantage of an overnight gap. It was developed in October 2016 and presented in’s first course on options trading. Since its introduction, more than 800 OP members have been through the “GG” course; it has been traded continuously since its introduction. Many of the course graduates participate in a private chat where the instructor provides daily signals and entry/exit guidance. This version has been refreshed and is targeted to students that want to learn the basics of the Green  Goose System along with its subsystems (Grey Goose & Flying Goose).  

Steve · September 7, 2021

This course is designed to provide an in-depth look at the how, why, when, and where of the Green Goose System. Parallel to the core subject matter, the  instructor will provide the rules to and trade the Green Goose overnight system as  attendees “look over his shoulder.” Layers of the system will be revealed each session. At the end of the course, members will have seen the complete system,  its rules, advantages, and disadvantages and may begin trading it if they so choose. Participation in the private GG chat and a monthly live refresher will be offered for 1 month, after which a nominal monthly fee of $12.95 is requested. 

Previous courses have run Green Goose on AAPL, FB, SPY, IWM, and EEM.  The following results and equity curve for Green Goose from April 1 to August  19, 2021, are as follows (considers $500 position size per trade) 

83 overnight trades 

Win / Loss Ratio : 61.45% 

Profit Factor: 2.56 

Cumulative Return : $9,240 (excluding commission)

  • OP Green Goose Course (Syllabus)
  • A good charting package is required, e.g., TradingView, TC2000, TOS, etc… The instructor will use  TradingView for this course and will provide the GG system scripts at the end of the course. 
  • Subscription to TraderSync, a powerful cloud-based trade journaling package is strongly recommended. 
  • Subscription to TomsOptionTools, an options analysis package that allows you to build spreads, butterflies,  calendars, collars, etc… and backtest strategies are optional. 

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