Swing Trading/ER Strategies Course (2021)

This course is an eight session experience that will begin with an intensive look at the fundamentals of directional and non-directional options strategies and how they overcome slow/rapid price increases in the underlying, high/low implied volatility, time decay, etc…. It will first teach you the why, where, when, and how to use straight options, spreads, straddles, butterfly’s, calendars and straddles/strangles. It will then focus on real time market analysis (we will rely heavily on trends, support resistance + Fibonacci and Elliott Wave Theory) to identify candidates for live case studies. Options strategies will be constructed with a view to compare and contrast so that a choice can be made on the most probable and profitable opportunities. Trade plans will be developed and performance will be tracked. All students will have immediate access to Swing Trading Insights (weekly recap videos) and the private Swing Trading/ER chat on OptionsPlayers.com (real time paper trades will be alerted and discussed). Note: Earnings Season will begin during in early October. All sessions will cover ER type trades in addition to standard swing trades.

OP_Michael · September 22, 2021

Members of Options Players generally fall into two categories:

1) those who have the time during market hours and the patience to watch the charts minute by minute

2) those who are unable to be 100% present during market hours due to other commitments, e.g., holding a full time job.

The latter group should only consider “Swing Trading” options and options strategies. Time in swing trades generally last from overnight to four weeks but often extend to eight to twelve weeks; decisions for entry/exit are made after the market is closed.

  • A good charting package is required, e.g., TradingView, TC2000, TOS, etc… The instructor will use a combination of ProfitSource (by Hubb) and TradingView. Ÿ
  • Subscription to TomsOptionTools, an options analysis package that allows you to build spreads butterfly’s, calendars, collars, etc… and back test strategies is required. TomsOptionTools runs $79 per month after a 1 week free trial and is not included in the course fee. Ÿ
  • Subscription to TraderSync (https://www.tradersync.com/?ref=michaelkuhns) is highly recommended. TraderSync is a cloud based trade journal that tracks and analyzes trades. There are others out there, but this is the best of the best…

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