ER Season Week 5: Brief update – Iron Condors (NXPI, DVN, & MOS), Post ER Butterfly (AAPL)

During the Swing Trading / ER Strategies group livestream (fee paid) on Sunday evening, May 1st, we planned four entries for the end of the day on Monday, May 2nd. For transparency, the following 24 hour Iron Condors in advance of earnings were entered (IMPORTANT – the below are not recommendations. They are past tense and due for exit on Tuesday, May 3rd):

Additionally we identified AAPL as having a strong potential of a bounce at the 200 sMA and planned to enter an out of the money call butterfly if AAPL posted a bullish daily candle on Monday. The following was bought at 3:41 PM Eastern. I intend on selling 50% of the “fly’s” at a double and leave the balance to run as long as AAPL grinds up and stays inside of the black triangle profit curve.

A full update of the results from these trades as well as seven additional planned 24 hour Iron Condors (win or lose) will be posted on Sunday evening, May 8th prior to our next live stream.

All comments or questions on the above are welcome (and encouraged)!!

April 4, 2022 Update

The DVN, MOS, and NXPI iron condors were closed in the last 10 minutes of open on April 3rd for the following results:

DVN – $25 loss

MOS – Break Even

NXPI – $75 gain

The AAPL Call Butterfly is still open and is currently on track with its trade plan.


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  1. I’m in the Apple butterfly and the NXPI IC for earnings so far this week. It’s been a good ER season so far, looking forward to the rest of the week. Always nice to find plays where the odds are more in your favor!! Thx Micheal this course never lets me down, I learn something new every time and make $$ to boot.