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Taught By Proven Professionals

In a rapidly changing trading ecosystem, you should learn from the best. Our instructors are proven experts worthy of your attention.

Steve Platt


“Our focus at Optionsplayers.com is to provide all levels of options traders with the necessary tools for success”

Mike Feetham

Options Expert

“Measure twice cut once”

Robert Essig

Crypto Expert

“Crypto Never Sleeps, Neither Do I! Gains 24/7”

Greg Crouse

Options Expert

Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Dave & Georgia

What’s Next Wall street Hosts

“We host the show that you need to know if you trade stocks, options, crypto, or luxury goods.”

Sharon Maxey

Options Expert

“If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried anything new”

Hear From the Community

Fellow traders who took advantage of OptionsPlayers offerings

OptionsPlayers Lifer

“Steve, a few months ago I sent you a trade plan. As
of today I have hit my goal. $18k in “extra profit”
working the courses and systems. Paid for our trip to
Europe this fall with OP stacks. My “play” account
has grown from $34k to $141K  in just under 2 yrs
since I joined.

Can’t thank you and everyone else on OP enough…”

Joe Shane
OptionsPlayers Lifer

“…This past weeks gains (Wednesday-Thursday) paid for me and my fiancés trip to the Grand Canyon. Our first time ever! We had a blast hiking into the canyon and sight seeing.

OP has given me the freedom to take spontaneous trips that were not affordable before! A huge thanks to tracks for the A C&l course which has made me more confident when trading!

Looking forward to trading tomorrow again tomorrow! Thanks again!!

Chaitanya Agashe
OptionsPlayers Member

GG win 40% on AAPL calls. Held a little longer and sold now

Frequently Asked Questions

Your card will not be charged unless you want it to be. We only charge those that wish to continue your service with OptionsPlayers.com.

You will have a full 30-day trial to make this determination before we would charge you $29.95 for your next month. We never lock people in, and we provide all the features and benefits we feel will make your experience beneficial that you will never want to leave.

No, at OptionsPlayers.com, we find that the traders who join without bad habits or significant losses perform the best. We teach traders how to plan trades, manage portfolios, execute plans, and anticipate loss along the way. We promote taking our free courses and then applying the knowledge to paper trade (use fake money with your broker of choice) to verify systems and ideas before using real money. We have many parents who start their children with OptionsPlayers and many retired folks who have never traded for themselves.

We send alert plays via push notification and post on our OptionsPlayers.com site & app when we feel it’s a high probability of success. We feel that trading is about quality, not quantity! We alert one play at a time and alert our exit. Most outlets will send a list of ideas and hope you choose the correct one, but this is not a realistic model for success.

Yes, we offer the best course and support for new traders. You will be educated while feeling welcome to ask questions along the way.

OptionsPlayers.com offers a robust chat with over 4000 members worldwide that love to help folks realize their goals. OP is a unique platform where members can create their feeds and follow particular traders they wish to follow, which will, in turn, see their posts & can respond quickly. Think of OptionsPlayers.com as the Facebook of Stocks/Options/Crypto.

OP has quarterly events as a highlight on the OptionsPlayers.com YouTube channel.

OptionsPlayers.com has recently been featured in Marketwatch as the premier service offering live streaming trade sessions featuring OP Secret Sauce.

Absolutely! We feel you joined to become winning traders while also creating lifelong relationships. We will do our best to ensure you accomplish those goals, but if you ever want to part ways, you can immediately cancel with no ramifications.

The possibilities are endless when you combine decades of experience, years of live trading, and a community that supports you. We bring real family feels to our chat; we encourage growth and support and love watching our members evolve.

Our monthly membership is 11.99 per month, including access to our chat and in-chat alerts. Our course is on-demand for 299.99, and our live classes are 499.99 per course.

For people looking for simple ways to trade crypto, there are platforms like Coinbase and Kucoin, but for those who want to experience the full potential of Crypto, trade via their Metamask wallets on Network Platforms.

You can earn interest while holding your Crypto Assets! But you will be getting a much larger %! Single to double-digit returns are not uncommon, and you can hit 100% or More with some leg work! These are the thing we discuss in our OP Crypto Chat regularly.

Leveraged trading is only allowed on select platforms, depending on where you live. But if you have a Metamask wallet, network trading platforms allow up to 250X leverage. While this carries a higher risk, we can show you how to get set up to have these options available.

Of course, you can, but it requires the tools and knowledge to know where to look. In addition, you need to learn how to stake, farm, and pool your coins. Does that confuse you? Sign up for the chat, and you can learn how Staking, Farming, and Pooling your coins can earn passive income.

Did you know specific platforms allow you to trade via bots? Sounds simple, right? You must understand how these work and pick the right coins and direction to maximize profits. We can show you how!

Our instructors spend countless hours creating and backtesting systems to provide top-tier knowledge and alerts. Our Crypto alerts have a 60% + hit rate YTD and are approaching triple-digit returns. We can gain these returns as we aren’t stuck to one-direction plays, and trade in both bullish and bearish situations.

Level Up Your Trading Skills with The Best Options Community Out There

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