• 4 Lessons

    Green Goose System Course (12-22 Sep)

    Green Goose is a short-term trading system that takes advantage of an overnight gap. It was developed in October 2016 and presented in’s first course on options trading. Since its introduction, more than 800 OP members have been through the “GG” course; it has been traded continuously since its introduction. Many of the course graduates participate in a private chat where the instructor provides daily signals and entry/exit guidance. This version has been refreshed and is targeted to students that want to learn the basics of the Green  Goose System along with its subsystems (Grey Goose & Flying Goose).  

  • 8 Lessons

    Secret Sauce

    Basics of Technical Analysis, how to find possible trades and enter them with less risk and a possible higher reward. Simple and easy to use methods on any stock or symbol. These methods are not only used to scalp stocks with high success rate, but also can be used for any time frame and the basis for every trade I make. Starting in January and continuing for 5+ weeks with an intro class and then diving in. All classes are recorded and can be viewed here. There will be make up sessions along the way also so you can attend live if you miss one.

  • 5 Lessons

    Swing Trade Insights

    Weekly insights for Swing Traders
  • 8 Lessons

    Swing Trading/ER Strategies Course

    This course is an eight session experience that will begin with an intensive look at the fundamentals of directional and non-directional options strategies and how they overcome slow/rapid price increases in the underlying, high/low implied volatility, time decay, etc…. It will first teach you the why, where, when, and how to use straight options, spreads, straddles, butterfly’s, calendars and straddles/strangles. It will then focus on real time market analysis (we will rely heavily on trends, support resistance + Fibonacci and Elliott Wave Theory) to identify candidates for live case studies. Options strategies will be constructed with a view to compare and contrast so that a choice can be made on the most probable and profitable opportunities. Trade plans will be developed and performance will be tracked. All students will have immediate access to Swing Trading Insights (weekly recap videos) and the private Swing Trading/ER chat on (real time paper trades will be alerted and discussed). Note: Earnings Season will begin during in early October. All sessions will cover ER type trades in addition to standard swing trades.